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Primitive Technology: Upgrade Hut on fallen tree #11 (Season-1)

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ENG: Improved shelter.I made a frame of a wall of sticks. I mixed clay with fern and grass, clothed them with walls. Then I covered the clay wall with a fern so that the clay slowly froze and did not crack in the sun. Such a clay wall should shield the heat well. Built a fireplace. The roof of the shelter too clayed with clay and smeared with spruce resin to increase the rain cover of the shelter. This is a temporary shelter for the fall and the beginning of winter, with frosts will not save. Later I will build a dugout, so that in winter I sleep more comfortable conditions.

RUS: Улучшил укрытие. Сделал каркас стены из палок. Смешал глину с папоротником и травой, облепил им стены. После накрыл папоротником глиняную стену, чтобы глина медленно застывала и не трескалась на солнце. Такая гли...

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Автор: Primitive Technology And Survival
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