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Building a bushcraft DUGOUT SHELTER (Reupload) // JustRandomPfusch
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I`m reuploading this video because I initially used copyright music by accident. I`m actually quite happy about it, the new song fits way better anyways.

Building a bushcraft dugout/ underground shelter alone in the woods.
The small hut built entirely from dead wood features a bed and a bench and is surrounded by a low stone wall.
It`s been an drudgery shoveling away all the soil, clay and small stones and since I only had time on the weekends, it took me almost two months to finish the digging.
I initially planned the shelter to only be about 2 by 1 metres, but later changend my mind to expand towards the back and build a kind of loft with a bed.
For further information check the FAQ in the comments smile
I really enjoyed building this shelter. It has been a great opportunity for me to e...

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