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WINTER CAMPING - BUSHCRAFT BASE CAMP - Tipi Back Rest - Canvas Hot Tent - Nomad Woodstove Cooking
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It's -15 celcius, its freezing outside. Inside the canvas tent the woodstove is doing its job perfectly, temperatures are perfect around 25 Celcius. To add to the comfort I make a back rest for the tipi, and cook up a hearty warm soup for the soul on the Nomad View stove.

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- Ric

I have placed some links to the gear I use below, for those of you that ask about it:

Link for the Nomad wood stove https://bit.ly/2CHYtcX Here's a permanent 5% discount code for you: Type NAGUALERO at check out. Code is good for anything in the store.

The Nomad stove does not have a side window. The stove used in this video is the Nomad View stove size medium. Same stove as the Nomad minus the side window. No link for it, since it’s not available f...

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