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3 Lavvu Poncho Wikiup Setup - Bushcraft Bow Saw - Solo Overnight - Wood Repair
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The sap I found was was pretty fresh. A few drops leaked through the kuksa while I drank my coffee. For a more permanent fix use older sap that is harder, like glass. Bow saw worked great. The most simple solutions is sometimes the best. This was by far the most spacious and comfortable version of using 3 lavvu ponchos. Will do the wikiup again for sure. For sleep the ponchos are buttoned together slightly and one more pole is inserted so the door have more distance to the fire. The log is pulled in during the night. A tiny amount of firewood is brought inside the shelter to help the log burning through the night. When I sat up there was some smoke in the air but when lying down the air was fresh and nice. The smoke bothered me less than having a fire in the open actually. Thats because in...

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