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Bushcraft Solo - Rain - Fire Torch - Hot Tent - Wood Stove - Wilderness Painting - Outdoor Cooking
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3 days solo bushcraft winter wild camping and painting trip on a beautiful Scots pine forest, this is part two. Second day was raining on and off, I wanted to paint a spot far from camp but opted to paint my camp instead. To keep my hands warm I rigged up a fire torch and made a hot brew on it. It kept me warm and motivated during the long cold painting session, later on a stove cooked meal made the day even better. Day 3 was incredible weather wise, so i hiked deeper in the forest and knocked another painting. You can watch part one here https://youtu.be/lBKrZ3itD0c

For those interested in the paintings, they will be available at http://nagualero.com when they are dry. Best way to keep up with that is by signing up for updates here https://bit.ly/2C9aUO0

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