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6 DAYS SOLO IN THE WILD - Bushcraft, Wild Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Rain Tarp - LONG VERSION
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This is the full trip, long version video of a multi day solo bushcraft wild camping trip, Tenkara fishing, painting, outdoor cooking and lake hopping in wild lakes using traditional gear and a packraft. The video is basically the past 4 videos i published from the trip put together into one. Some people enjoy long formats, here it is.

The trip was actually 10 days long but both my batteries and memory cards ran out of juice.

On these 2 days it rained a lot, 70% of the time. So the little paddling I did wasn't filmed. Most of the time was spent gathering dry standing wood, chopping it and storing it under the tarp. I din't film any of this because when it wasn't raining that was my priority instead of filming it.

The rest of my time was spent in painting, foraging for mushrooms and co...

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