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Bushcraft trip - making primitive clothes, baking bread on hot stones, cooking meat over fire etc.
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Day trip. I turn two reindeer skins into winter clothes, twist natural fibers into cord, bake bread, cook meat and sew a hole in a reindeer skin. Open the full video description for more information.

Here can you see all videos from the camp including how I made the shelter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9jIUl5tQU4&list=PLwMRed9dogc71CK8shz1fCocV5600xBKr


Date: 02-10-2019

1°C (33.8°F)

Location: Sapmi - the land of the Sami people in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Clean and remote classic northern wilderness. Fresh water rivers. Pine, spruce and birch forrest. Mountains, bears, wolves, eagles, reindeers etc. No wildlife is giving campers problems. I can't give you any information about my location, only that I am somewhere in Sapmi. You need to be the...

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