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Overnight Wild Camp In the Rain - Bushcraft Canvas Poncho Shelter - Reindeer Stew
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Bushcraft overnight in the rain. Making a tripod shelter in a simple way to support a reflector wall. Had a eureka moment with how to string up the bucksaw! It was a pleasure sawing with it and the Reindeer stew was delicious. Im sure a few people will criticize me for sawing from the wrong side of the logs. But there really is a difference in doing things the "correct" way in your backyard in comparison to finding a stone as a saw horse in the cold and rainy forrest when you are looking for the perfect light for the shot. I choose the camera over being a correct tool man any time. Did it correct a couple of times in the end just to calm down surten individuals lol. As shelter I used the Zeltbahn ponchos again. Im amazed by the quality of this canvas! Not a drop got into the shelter!

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