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Chaga tea, fatwood and the danish wood stove
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My dog and me spends a day finding chaga and fatwood, and makes a cup of chaga tea at a danish wood stove made from a pine log.

The third tree with chaga, i harvested it last year. You can see that it is growing back. Always leave some chaga on the tree so it can grow back. Don't boil it, it will ruin some of its abilities.

As you can see in the video i drank mine a little to fast and the tea is still very light. The longer you let it soak the better the tea is. A lump of chaga works as long as it gives color.

Chaga is that natural material that by far contains the most antioxidants, and a lot of other good stuff.


The best fatwood is found in the roots of a fallen pine tree. But the first 5 - 10 cm. of a branch closest to the tre...

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