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Bushcraft Winter Overnight - Canvas Poncho Shelter In Windy Snowy Conditions
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Bushcraft solo overnight in the wild. In my opinion this is the optimal setup for one Lavvu Poncho. Worked like a charm. Some small signs of leakage where the branch lifted the back, no problem in this weather but if there would have been rain and high winds I suggest small sticks attaching the same way at two anchor points instead of one long stick across .
Im constantly trying to question how I make videos. In every new video I'm trying to do something different. It can be content or just tweaking a color profile. A lot of people told me they want to see more what I do out there. More gear etc. So in this video I'm showing more what I do. So tell me what you think. Is showing me packing a sleeping bag boring?
The bacon wrapped chicken leg was SO good! No spices just a few slices of baco...

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