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Winter Bushcraft Hike - No Sleeping Bag - Natural Shelter in Snowfall - Lavvu Poncho
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Out Bushcrafting and hiking off trail for two days in the snow. First night I slept a couple hours at a time then went up and tended to the fire. Had to go get another log in the early hours and got some nice shot at the night sky with the moon etc. -10 celsius. I love the air when its this cold. If you wonder why I put snow on the saw handle that froze to ice during the night: Check out the different performance sawing with it day one and two!

ATTENTION: Being under an uproot can be very dangerous. Never take shelter under a fresh uproot after a storm if your life doesn't depend on getting out of the wind etc. It can be very dangerous as they can snap shut again if the tree breaks and weight balance shift. This was an old one that's been like this for more than a year but its still not s...

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