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24h Bushcraft With One Tool - Survival - Natural Shelter - Foraging
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24h bushcraft with only one tool. A different outing for me more in the survival genre. Great fun making a bow drill fire, trying out some birch bark containers, tapping birch sap and making a primitive natural shelter. Experienced no hunger even though I only had fluids for 24h. Slept a couple of hours but had to feed the fire a lot. -2 C in the night with only a light jacket as blanket. Got some chills but it worked ok without being too tough. Shelter worked great. Please don't comment on that there was some smoke (from water on very hot rocks and wood remains) at the end where I left the camp. I just love to film smoke so put your hate elsewhere. When I left the area with all my camera gear hours later no heat was left. Water did not boil. It simmered for a long time thus being safe to ...

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