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Bushcraft, Nettle Soup & Antler
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Musen and me start the day with a walk, looking for red deer antlers.
Then we go foraging and makes nettle soup with bacon.

The wound
I found some string on a tree, i used my knife to cut it, and tied it of still holding the knife in my hand. That was not a good idea.

Sphagnum moss is antibiotic can suck a lot of fluids, it leaves the wound nice and clean. I have used it several times.

Resin from Norway spruce is antimicrobial against a wide range of bacteria and fungi and positively associates with progressive healing of the wound.

The antler
The antler was shed last year
Some people think that they should be left in the woods, so the rodents and predators can get the calk from them. The antler had no bite marks, and there is plenty of bones in the forest, some of them have bit...

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