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Bushcraft Alone on Remote Island - Northern Wilderness Canoe Trip - Polish Lavvu Shelter
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A 2 day bushcraft canoe trip in a really desolate area. And in present times I didn't even see one airplane passing for the entire stay. Far as I knew it could have been Stone Age times. A great spot. Really found myself a piece of paradise this time. The two birds was a constant presence for my stay and they came closer and closer for each day. When I played the guitar I could hear them walking up behind me really close. If I hadn't left that second day at dusk I swear they would have moved into my Lavvu. And please forgive the horrible slick face at the end there lol..but a good jam so I let it pass through post edit :). I needed some time just to enjoy this place during the second day so I chose not to film it as much. I enjoy filming but its a different thing. Sometimes I need to retur...

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