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Bushcraft: Camp Build - Birch Syrup - Pancakes - Carving a Ladle - Fireplace - Fence - Reflector
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The Fire Cabin is for cold or bad weather. I prefer being outside. So i am making this area next to. The fireplace needed a makeover, a fence from all the twigs and branches that was laying around. The birch sap made to syrup, and i made some pancakes to pour it over. While the sap was over the fire i carved a ladle in a piece of hard oak. And a moveable reflector for when it get cold at night and in the morning.

It took way to long to make it (7 hours), and i was getting very hungry. So i keept looking in the pot, moving it, and i spilled 2/3 of it. sad There wasn't much even before that. ...it tasted very nice, but i will just drink the sap from now on.

Pancakes with beer
250 g (1 cup) of flour
½ tsp. salt
2 tsp. sugar - like vanilla sugar
4 dl (1,7 cup) milk
3 eggs
3 tbsp. oil or...

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