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Bushcraft Trip in Untouched Wilderness - Thunder and Rain - Tarp Shelter
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Out for two days with my Canoe. Bushcraft trip started out pretty badly and my first thought was hell with this I'm going home. My third time in a canoe and got the paddling down but I guess you are a rookie.. until you are not lol. But made for some spectacular photo so I just pushed on. Nothing like a warm fire as morale booster. This was an outing, like only a handful of others on the channel, where I didn't plan anything. Just went out there, didn't even know which direction to paddle. Found some really nice spots where I could not see any signs of humans being there. So was stoked in the end because I got some really really nice views in the camera. I just love thunder and rain. Magic. Guitar riff played by me. Thanks for watching!!

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